About Us

JP-Protection, a sister company of JP Air Tech, is a Danish company with more than 30 years of experience in air filtration. 

With 200,000 pcs daily production capacity, we offer high quality medical and filtering half masks, and ensure maximum protection and comfort to the wearer.



JP-Protection wants to be the trusted and preferred long term flexible partner within protective equipment.


JP-Protection will through production of quality products, create an cleaner environment our future can rely on.

Quality Policy

  • Deliver by and comply with delivery dates confirmed with the customer.
  • Ensure flexibility in relation to processing orders and delivery in order to be able to meet the customer’s emergency requirements.
  • To ensure production that delivers uniform products via controls forming part of our quality management system.
  • Through development and innovation, to grow market shares with new and existing customers in order to maintain an attractive market position.
  • As a minimum, to accommodate and comply with the specifications the customer has specified.
  • To continually focus on improving quality within our product range. 
  • Comply with all specified customer requirements.
  • Contunuous improvement of the quality management system.

Skin friendly face masks

Dermatest Seal of Excellence for no irritation and excellent skin compatibility.

Our face masks are made from skin friendly, breathable and soft nonwoven fabrics.

Face masks are clinically tested and approved by an accredited German institute Dermatest.

Fog free face masks

When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation is the result. Your face mask causes a similar set of circumstances. Your warm breath rises through the top of your mask and hits your eyeglass lenses, causing them to fog up.

Foggy eyewear reduces the visibility preventing to work productively and increasing the risk of accidents.

Our face masks are designed and engineered to avoid fog formation on glasses